Windward Photography


Unparalleled, creative, original photography with the high-end technological quality and execution to meet your needs.

Give your next project the competitive edge with photography that captures the vital energy of your product and ideas.

What I offer:

I work to provide an easy turn key workflow process so the images are back in your hands quickly.

I create options like the images to the right for your creative team or graphic  artist.  Having marketing options makes those covers or spreads more powerful.

If you need to see additional images, call me.

This web site shows a part of the images I have

created.   Stock photography is available too.



              Tel: 678.910.5422                          email:                                               copyright: ©2013 walter Kirk


There is also a multi day discount for every client. 
Call for more details.

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SPECIALTIES:  Advertising, Product,  People,  Corporate Portraits, Catalog,  Architecture,  Annual Reports,

    Travel / Resorts,  Packaging,  Public Relations,  Corporate Events and Editorial.

                                                                                                                       For when the right image can make all the difference...